About Us

Gold Label Events sources Sydney’s premier venues, marries them with a customised entertainment package to give the targeted audience an experience, which differentiates it from the general market.

With over 20 years in the entertainment industry, we represent a unique conglomeration of successful and innovative marketing talent, making the Gold Label Events team the most prominent nightclub and special event coordinators in Sydney.

We deliver an infrastructure and the experience required to produce events at the highest quality, professionalism and credibility, with our focus on branding nightclub themes throughout Sydney.

We make sure we always keep up to date with the new era, by fine-tuning our model to suit the latest social trends, our brands have been at the forefront of some of Sydney’s premium venues

Gold Label Events uses both strategic and an intelligent approach to marketing, making our coverage throughout the Sydney Region both extensive and direct.

Our office provides full time marketing and support staff dedicated to the weekly promotions, operations and maintenance of the event branding and activities.

Our high level of market and music research, extensive knowledge of industry and a close connection with our patrons, gives Gold Label Events a leading edge over our competitors

We capture the 18-40 years old demographic from all over metropolitan Sydney who enjoy a blend of music ranging from Motown, Old school, 80′s funk, 90′s 2000′s, house, electro, R&B, High nrg and Latin, Mash up.

We not only offer a great product, but the total entertainment experience for our patrons.

Our management and extensive marketing introduces a high volume of new loyal patrons.
Revenue is created for the venue through bar sales, and a residual income filters through a 7 day period not only from our weekly events, but from increased sales of food and gaming where applicable.

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